Bureaucracy to Start a Restaurant

In order to start this activity, we must respond to the right requirements for the administration of food and beverages.What are they? Here they are:

  • qualification degree, linked to the hotel or SAB ex REC course;
  • use of the building, authorizations and plant engineering related to the premises;
  • presentation of the HACCP plan, aimed at teaching workers to prepare, handle and administer food and drink;
  • compilation of the SCIA (Business Start Certificate), to be presented to the Municipality;
  • registration in the Business Register of the Chamber of Commerce;
  • VAT number opening at the Revenue Agency;
  • subscription to INPS, merchant management;
  • subscription to Inail.

If you meet these requirements, then it is possible to get the local health.

At this stage the help of a good accountant is more than essential: choosing a trained professional is a guarantee for the continuation and for the possible growth of your business.

In the event that you are more than one member, the individual form is not good, so we advise you to read the following two guides

The idea of ​​starting a business in the restaurant sector can be quite generic. Below are some resources that deepen certain locations or particular segments:

Now let's move on to the cost analysis.

Costs to be incurred: is it really affordable for everyone?

Let's move on to examine a thorny issue: that linked to costs starting from bureaucratic ones.

The establishment of the legal form of the company is one of the first expenses to be assessed, since, depending on whether you decide to opt for a company or an individual company, costs and procedures change.

Just see that the SRL or the simplified SRL have different costs for having a similar name (to emphasize the importance of relying on a professional and not underestimate anything!).

In fact, the minimum share capital consists of 10,000 euros for the SRL and only 1 euros for the simplified SRL! Notary fees also vary, depending on the legal form for which you prefer, and do not forget the contributions, which make "mass" on the volume of expenses.

In addition to the bureaucratic costs related to the opening of a restaurant, let's not forget the other expenses to be incurred, although it is difficult to give a precise idea of ​​the amount of these costs ( to deepen, we wrote a special guide ).

Basically, at least 50,000 euros are needed to take care of the furnishings of the rooms and the kitchen (tablecloths, work uniforms, appliances and crockery included) and excluding renovations, works that could increase the initial investment.

On the basis of this, we can say that an initial figure could be between 50,000 and 80,000 euros, considering every phase listed so far, both practical and physical, and bureaucratic 8 depends, as anticipated, on the choices that will be made).

Unfortunately, the costs can increase if you consider other expenses, perhaps if you decide to opt for a room for rent (for which we must take into account the initial investment of the deposit and commissions, not counting the annual courses to be followed both for owners who for staff, taxes and marketing, in addition, of course, to the salaries and  social security contributions INPS  .

You must then add other expenses such as those who run the business, any corporate costs and expenses to be paid to the accountant, any rental fee (or cost to buy a property).

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