How to Open a Restaurant: How much does it cost? Tips for Starting the Activity

For many people opening a restaurant  is a dream, especially for those who love cooking and can cook or have a great desire to stay in touch with people.

You have to prepare yourself to cook the dishes not only for a small circle of friends but for demanding customers, consequently you need great efforts and immense willpower: it is a very delicate activity that not everyone is able to carry out successfully.

The planning of all the things to do correctly and the professional competence in possession of the entrepreneur definitely make the difference.

Very important will be the certainty of having a staff prepared, and know how to select the ingredients, as well as having the right knowledge for the management of a very complex activity. If you want to evaluate a very fashionable alternative idea recently, we suggest you read our article on the home restaurant .

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How do you open a restaurant?

In this section we deal with understanding what are the bureaucratic steps useful and necessary to become restaurateurs: firstly it is very important to decide where to open.

It is a delicate choice, as the investment is not indifferent and therefore each step must be carefully evaluated, so as to be able immediately to gear the right gear, without seeing the profits make it hard to show up.

This implies a considerable waste of time: unless there is a dazzling stroke of luck, finding the right location could take a lot of time, which should not be shortened at any cost.

If the position found does not satisfy us fully, perhaps it is better to continue searching.

How to understand if a place is suitable for starting the business? First of all we need to evaluate the presence of tourists, or if it is located in an area full of offices and employees that can choose the place for lunch (or after work aperitifs, big work conventions and so on).

To get a really effective feedback, it is essential to go to the site and observe and ask the people who live there, since they are subjects that can give information that can escape other marketing evaluations , as well as personal interests (for example about favorite type of cuisine).

Evaluating competition is another element of fundamental importance to know the territory, avoid applying too high prices or open a restaurant whose offer is already present.

Naturally the speech is valid both for those who want to invest abroad, and for those who aspire to open a restaurant in Italy.

Before continuing, let's concentrate on the bureaucratic procedure to be followed to open a restaurant.

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