What is Cerner and Epic?

Cener and Epic are two software that are used to keep an electronic medical recording (EMR) in check.

Both the software’s’ are used to keep record of the patient’s EMR. So, which one is better and which one should you go for at your hospital.

Basically, they both provide the same kind of service, but there are some differences as well. let’s go further and find out what these differences are.


Quick overview of Cener vs Epic

  • Cerner is able to accommodate hospitals that have 100 to 250 beds easily, whereas, Epic can go beyond that limit.
  • Epic is appropriate for small, mid-sized and enterprise-sized businesses whereas, Cerner is best suited for Intermediate business as well as Large business
  • EpicCare EMR is rated at 4 stars according to the reviews found online. On the other hand, Cerner has been rated at 3.6 stars also on the online reviews.
  • Both of the software’s have a shady reputation when it comes to installing, it may cost million dollars or more to install and maintain the software. Cerner offers a handy task list which is very useful when you need to see everything at one glance. Help you keep track of all documents. However, cerner vs epic, Epic is easier to understand as well as navigate.
  • You can’t really use Epic unless you also install other technologies and connect it to an external database. Whereas, Cerner comes with a built-in external system and its also updating to have program interfaces which will enhance its interoperability.
  • Another point that Cerner has over Epic is that interoperability is the essence of Cerner, which makes it easy to keep a record of pharmacy as well as clinical communications along with health data transfers. Epic lacks this at the moment but it is making striders to have that in the future.
  • Epic has an upper hand over Cerner as its easier to connect to other EHRs, which makes it very convenient to transfer data from them. Cerner doesn’t have this facility.
  • Focus on the user interface, the Cerner has a poorly designed UI, which dampens the user attention from patient’s upkeep. It’s hard to navigate between document and notes on Cerner as well. On the other hand, Epic has a good reputation when it comes to UI, its comfortable to use as well can be implemented easily. Navigation between documents is easy as well.
  • Both of the software people offer great customer service but Cerner has an upper hand when it comes to customer service as they make sure they work as a team with your when it comes to solving problems.


  • When it comes to choosing one of the two you can choose according to your budget size, if you are on a tight budget then you better go for Cerner, however, if you need high efficiency and have a good seized budget too, then your choice should definitely be Epic.
  • If you are choice depends on the size for your business then for medium sized business you can go for Cerner, and if you have an expanded business then Epic is perfect for you.

Even after all the research and thinking and checking out the pros and cons you are confused as to which one to choose. Then you should definitely check out the ITQlick website that is designed for this purpose only. They will give you an expert opinion as to which software should suit your venture. Just lay out the needs and requirements of your business and they will sort the software out for you. The website is user friendly and gives you an unbiased opinion.

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